About Hsin-Yi
A Message From the Chief Executive Officer

Safeguarding the children's only childhood
By Sing-ju Chang

Hsin Yi Foundation was established by the Yuen Foong Yu Group in 1971 during the time when prosperity was not shared throughout Taiwan's society. Therefore the initial goals of the Foundation were aimed at helping the poor and granting scholarships. By the time when Institute of Early Childhood Education was founded under Hsin Yi Foundation in 1977, Taiwan was ready to take off on its economic boom. The rapidly changing environment of the mid-seventies was inevitably beginning to affect young children adversely, which neither the government nor society as a whole was seriously aware of. The aim of the Institute is to pioneer the work of early children education, and to promote a happy and healthy childhood for children. We firmly believe that any cause that would help the development of children and their well-being deserves our full effort. Over the past twenty years the Institute has continued to grow with the changing needs of the society. "Safeguarding the children's only childhood" is always the motto of the Institute.

  • To alert the general public, especially the parents, the importance of early childhood education.
  • To provide a supporting system for parents and teachers of young children as well as students and researchers of early childhood education.
  • To promote the child-centered philosophy of education and advocate the society to safeguard our children's only childhood.
  • To enhance research and development in order to accumulate local professional experiences and applications.